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Mindful Awareness teaches integrated mind-body mental exercises to trigger a natural parasympathetic response in the autonomic nervous system. This response releases powerful neuro-chemicals (bio-chemicals) that regulate the immune system. Regulation of the immune system transforms the human body at the cellular level. This natural transformation affects our view, how we feel, and ultimately our perception […]

Eric Knouse

In 2008, by opening himself to internal guidance, Eric found a way to access deep levels of meditation, and has created a simple and straightforward way to teach others to do the same.  His practice focuses on the scientific aspects of mind-body chemistry as well as meditative technique.  Although Eric has not formally explored meditation […]

Welcome to Humanity’s Team University!

–> Welcome to our new ‘Humanity’s Team University’ site!  We are excited to have you here.  Please look around and join us in taking courses focused on living in Oneness. ‘Awakening to Oneness’ means opening to ultimate reality where we see we are connected to Spirit, each other and all of life.  Living in Oneness […]